A Warm Hello to All Erotic Romance Readers!

Hi everybody, I’m glad to get started here. I’m an erotic romance author with a new novella series coming out soon that will be as sassy as it is steamy! I’m excited to dive into this universe of characters. Just to give you a taste of what’s coming up…

Big Girl Backstage Pass

BIG GIRL BACKSTAGE PASS (Book One of the Big Girl Series)

She’s just a college girl who can’t help but dream.

Shannon Locklear just won backstage passes to the hottest concert in LA, Wilder Side. She’s thrilled to be able to meet the band backstage, and when the guitarist takes her aside, the sparks that fly between them could light a bonfire…

He’s a lead guitarist who can’t shake his inner demons.

Julian Bremmer is a musician struggling with alcohol and his band’s newfound success. Girls throw themselves at him because he’s a rock star, but all of the attention doesn’t stop him from feeling empty inside. When he meets Shannon, he can’t help but wonder if she’s just the next girl who wants him for his fame…

Fate has thrown them together, but will the world pull them apart?


EXCERPT from the soon-to-be-published novella:

Julian had just left when the blond girl to Shannon’s side stood up and went to sit by her friend. Sitting next to each other, they looked almost like twin Barbie dolls, all made up. They were gorgeous, their hair and nails perfectly done. Shannon examined her nails. Although she had just painted them for the show, one thumbnail was already chipped. How does that happen?

“He’s cute, don’t you think?” the tall one said.

“Well, he’s no Alex Wilder.”

“Yeah, but he’s famous at least.”

“Kind of famous,” the tall girl said dismissively.

“Fuckable famous, that’s for sure.”

“Well obv, just not, you know, really famous.” The tall girl shook her long straight hair out.

“He’s really talented,” Shannon said, trying to join in the conversation. The two girls looked over at her with twin gazes of intense disapproval, and Shannon knew immediately she had said the wrong thing.

“Right, so what, you think he wants to talk to you?” The tall girl looked down her nose with distaste.

“I just meant… he seems nice. And he plays really well,” Shannon said, flushing a deep red.

“Why did you come over here anyway?” the other girl said. “We were having a nice conversation.”

“Yeah,” echoed the other. “A nice conversation.”

“I’m sorry,” Shannon said, flustered. “I thought—”

“Before you showed up.”

“I don’t even know why they let people like you in anyway,” the girl said, her eyes sweeping down Shannon’s figure. Shannon immediately felt like she wanted to melt through the floor. Her arms crossed over her chest protectively. It was stupid of her to think she could talk to these girls. They were models, both of them, or could be.

“Sorry,” she whispered, her face still hot with embarrassment. She looked around to see if she could find Jason, but he was gone. So was Julian. She was alone.

“Give me a mint,” the tall girl said to her friend. They busied themselves primping each other and reapplying their lip gloss, and Shannon turned away from them on the couch, looking again at the colored lights. The other band members were scattered across the room, mingling with fans, and Shannon thought again of how she would shoot the scene if she had her camera. Impressionistic, maybe, a long focal length… She had felt so wonderful when she first came in, but now with the girls next to her she wanted to run away. If only she could find Jason.

She saw Julian come back into the room and stop to talk with the drummer. They laughed, and Shannon felt her heart twinge as the guitarist’s smile lit up his face. Then he turned towards her and the laugh pulled back into a smile again. It was impossible, that he should be smiling at her, but there it was. She felt the jolt of sexual tension again as his eyes swept down her figure, just as the blond girl had, but with a distinct look of appreciation. He said something to the drummer and then walked across the room.

The blond girls split apart on the couch as the guitarist walked up.

“Come sit here, Julian,” the tall one said. She patted the space between her and her friend.

“Thanks, but I can’t stay,” Julian said.

“Aw, but we’re going to miss you.” Her tone was wheedling.

“Then you’ll have to miss me,” Julian said. He turned to Shannon, and she stuck out her hand politely.

“It was really nice to meet you,” she said.

He took her hand, but not in a handshake. His fingers closed over her palm and he bent down toward her. He was so close that she could smell a hint of his cologne, and she felt a bit dizzy.

“Will you come with me?” Julian asked.



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