Great article by Katie Cramer. Insightful as always! I agree with the commenter who doesn’t like cliffhangers to force you into the next book, but if you know it’s a serial, then it SHOULD end with a bit of a cliffhanger, no? I try to be fair with my pricing, and I always give a discount on new releases to my mailing list, but hey… there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch!

One Handed Writers

I have a friend whose husband happens to be a bricklayer. His work is excellent, in as much as my limited knowledge of bricklaying can determine. He sets a rate for his work, regardless of the size of wall he happens to be building. If it’s a hot day, he may not work as fast as he’ll get tired easily. If it’s cold, he goes like the clappers as he wants to get it over with. If it’s mild, it’s a perfect day for hauling bricks.

In short, he looks at a job, has a think about how long it’ll take him to do it and gives you a price. If you’re happy, you’re getting a nice wall. If not, sayonara.

Writing isn’t dissimilar. Some stories come easy. Some are more difficult. Some days we feel the creative flow happening, while other days it’s a struggle. A story can be…

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