For the Love of Mythology Bloghop and Giveaway!

Hi fellow hoppers! I was tickled pink to find out about this bloghop because the novel I’m writing now is called Me, Cinderella? and it includes a whole bunch of mythology and legend. Leave your email in the comments about your favorite legend to get a chance to win an ADVANCE COPY of my novel, due to be published in July.

My favorite legend has always been Cinderella because there are so many different variants of the story, each one stranger than the last. Here’s the earliest known version:

They tell the fabulous story that, when she was bathing, an eagle snatched one of her sandals from her maid and carried it to Memphis [Egypt]. While the king was administering justice in the open air, the eagle, when it arrived above his head, flung the sandal into his lap. The king, having been stirred both by the beautiful shape of the sandal and by the strangeness of the occurrence, sent men in all directions into the country in quest of the woman who wore the sandal. When she was found in the city of Naucratis, she was brought up to Memphis and became the wife of the king…

And here’s a sneak preview from the first page of Me, Cinderella:

Before my mother died, she told me stories. I sat on her lap and listened to her spin golden tales through the air. We never had much, but I didn’t notice the cracks in our plaster walls when she talked about Cinderella putting on her crystal slippers and dancing all night with Prince Charming.

She told me stories of castles and dragons, stories of men who flew above the clouds to reach the sun and gods who rained jealous fury upon their rivals. Stories of lovers whose passion rose above earthly desire and changed their fate to a different end than the world had meant for them. Stories of hope and of death.

None of those stories were true, but mine is.

Thanks for reading, and make sure to leave your email in the comments for a chance to win an ADVANCE COPY of Me, Cinderella!


19 thoughts on “For the Love of Mythology Bloghop and Giveaway!

  1. Just to let everybody know, I’m going to be on vacation until the 20th, so I won’t be sending out prizes until after I get back in the last week of June. Thanks for reading, and happy hopping!

  2. I don’t really have a favorite, but lately I’ve been reading a lot of Norse and Celtic mythology and folklore.

    Thanks for the amazing giveaway!
    elizabeth @ bookattict . com

  3. Anything Greek and all the fairy tales are amazing. Have to say that Cinderella is my favorite though!!

  4. I dont have a favorite. I love mythology! The history and legends are so fascinating! Its always fun to read about it, learn new and just sit back and wonder about it. Mythology has been a heated discussion on family night, more than once. The culture itself is very wondrous! Thank you!!

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