New Release! New Adult Romance Novel “Me, Cinderella?” Out Now!!!

Guys… oh my god, you guys… it’s out!

I have been working on this for quite a while now…


and I’ve gotten a lot of help – thank you so much to my beta readers and my editors, without whom I would be lost in this muck of a manuscript…


But I’ve hit the publish button and it’s on sale (for only 99 cents! woohoo!)… and there’s only one thing I can say while celebrating the finish to my first new adult romance novel:


p.s. buy it now 😉


5 thoughts on “New Release! New Adult Romance Novel “Me, Cinderella?” Out Now!!!

    I’ve been reading your blogs and you are such a big insipiration for me!

    Can I ask you a question about your cover? How did you do the white “shadows” around the title and your name? and what fonts are you using?
    I really really love your cover!!! And thanks for all your gimptutorials!
    Wish you a lot of success 🙂
    Greetings, Kati

    • Hi Kati, glad you like the cover! The font for my title is Freebooter Script, and the one for my author name is Futura – both are available for free online. For the white shadow, I just use a drop shadow but set the color to white, with a larger size and spread than usual. Normally I don’t like having such a large drop shadow, but I think it worked well here. Hope that helps!

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