What’s the Darkest, Angstiest New Adult Romance You’ve Ever Read?

I like my new adult romance novels to be dark and angsty, and the darker and angstier the better. My new novel (which is only 99 cents still, and you’re a fool if you don’t buy it right now, a FOOL I tell you!) is pretty dang dark. Eliot is struggling to overcome the guilt caused by the car accident which killed his wife, and the flashback scene where she dies is gruesome.  And Brynn’s mother was murdered violently, but nobody knows how… or why… There’s a lot of angst to go around. I’d say on a scale from 1-10 Angstroms (the official measure of new adult romance angst), it’s about a 6.

I just read a new adult romance that was definitely at least a 9 Angstrom book. Maybe a 10. And OH MY GOD, it was great.

where I end

I’m not even going to tell you all of the dark stuff that happens, since that really would spoil the ending. But Bianca, the main character, starts off as an alcoholic, puking her guts out onto a classroom floor in the morning. And it just goes downhill from there. What makes this book an absolute must read in my opinion (besides the fact that it’s only 99 cents and you’d be a fool not to buy it right now, a FOOL I tell you!) is the writing. Gorgeous, emotional, 9-Angstrom writing. Here’s one of my favorite parts:

Everywhere I look there are hungry ghosts, and I am one of them. Perhaps we have all fallen into e gui dao, the realm of hungry ghosts, without even realizing it. So we wanted, all our desires brimming and simmering, full of hopes that will never be fulfilled, covered in wounds that will never be healed, needs that can never be met, our mouths opening and closing, mute and starving as we reach for each other, clinging, begging, wanting.
But we will never escape. We don’t even know we are dead.

Bestill my heart! The romance between Bianca and Daniel is a beautiful story of friends turned lovers, and the dark comedy and sarcasm in Bianca’s thoughts gives a sharp edge to the relationship blossoming between the two main characters. I am anxious for a sequel already. You hear me, Andra Brynn? A sequel! But until there is a sequel, you should all go buy the heck out of this one and read it.


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