New Shifter Romance – Blind Wolf only $0.99!


Buy it for only 99 cents during its release week at Amazon and Barnes and Noble!

Julia has never been on a date in her life. She’s a curvy girl with no money, no education, and no way out of the town she works in as a library assistant… until Damien shows up. He’s just like the prince charming Julia always imagined would sweep her off of her feet. There are just a few things standing in the way of true happiness: he’s blind, he’s dating someone, and he’s WAY out of her league.

Oh, and he’s a werewolf.

Damien lost his eyes two years ago in a wolf battle. Ever since then, the straggler pack of disabled wolves he leads has been searching for a place to call home. One house seems like the perfect choice, but Damien realizes too late that the person who lives there is the girl he met at the library. The human girl. Damien is torn between loyalty to his pack and raw lusting desire for the girl who haunts his dreams day and night.

She’s a human. How could she be his true mate?

From NYTimes and USA Today Bestselling author Aubrey Rose comes a new shifter book that’s as wild and hot as anything. This werewolf shifter BBW romance novella is 25,000 words long, has some naughty language, and a lot of naughty sex. Be warned!


She stood up and so did he. He held out his hand and she pressed his palm in a handshake. Without letting himself hesitate, and buoyed by her warm response to his jokes, Damien raised her hand to his lips and pressed a kiss onto her fingers.

It was a mistake. The connection between them before that moment had been tenuous, if intense. He could feel the separation between her emotion and his, and could untangle them if he needed to. Now, though, with his lips against her skin, he sensed the passage between them open up, widen, and take over his mind. He could no longer tell the difference between a feeling coming from his own mind or hers, and her thoughts reverberated through him.

Not just emotions, this time, as he had sensed before. The emotions were there, to be sure: desire, curiosity, and a hint of fear. But his lips fell apart slightly and he breathed in a sharp breath as he now heard clearly the words that she was thinking:
…the one. He’s the one. It’s him…


Buy it now for only 99 cents at Amazon and Barnes and Noble!!


6 thoughts on “New Shifter Romance – Blind Wolf only $0.99!

  1. I read the book and really enjoyed it. I have a question though. Is this a stand alone book, or is it going to be a series? The reason I am asking is that there were two rather big questions left unanswered. If it is part of a series, then hopefully the questions will be answered in the following book(s). If it is a stand alone book, then the unanswered questions are going to drive me nuts! LOL

    • There is going to be a sequel! It will actually be out this coming week, it’s called “Perfect Mate” and it will tie up all of the loose ends. I didn’t realize that I would enjoy writing this story so much and I ended up having like ten different ideas that I couldn’t finish in time for the Blind Wolf to be published (it’s going in a bundle of other shifter novellas, so I had to wrap it up early).

      So glad you liked it!!

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