An Open Letter to the New York Times: WTF?

Dear NYT,

I just hit your NY Times bestseller list for the Rockstar Romance boxed set with eleven other authors.  However, the other boxed set I was also in – the BBW Romance boxed set – did not hit the list, despite having stronger sales over the course of the entire week.


The BBW boxed set sold more copies than the Rockstar boxed set, and not by a hair. We’re talking THOUSANDS of copies. All of the authors involved in the BBW boxed set were confused when the list came out this morning and BBW was nowhere to be seen. Is it the acronym BBW that got you all riled up, NYT? Is that it? Scared off by some big beautiful women, mmm?

I was in both boxed sets; so were other authors involved. We are all self published, and unlike trad publishers, we share numbers with each other. This week, the numbers don’t add up. Has this happened before? How would anyone know? And if better sales numbers don’t mean anything for a bestseller chart, what the hell are you actually charting?

We don’t know whether to celebrate our win or sympathize with the BBW boxed set authors, who would have placed highly on the bestseller list were they not excluded for an unknown reason.

Tell us why, please. A little transparency would go a long way.


NY Times bestselling author Aubrey Rose




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