I’m currently working on a number of projects. If you like one of my books/serials and want me to continue working on sequels, please do make sure to leave a review, since that’s the best way to get me to write more!

Works in Progress:

Jenny Rockfort, Secret Undercover Stripper

Estimated publish date: January. I am so freaking excited about this book I cannot even tell you. It’s going to be amazing. Still some hot sex and a strong BBW heroine, but with a heavy dose of comedy on the side. I’ve been working on this idea for a long time, can’t wait to share it with you all!

Sequel to Me, Cinderella?

Estimated publish date: OOF, I’m not sure. I didn’t realize Me, Cinderella? would do so well, but now that it has I’m moving this up on my writing schedule. Check back in for deets as I work through my other books!

Published Books:



My first new adult full-length novel Me, Cinderella? is out now! Amazon / Barnes and Noble



Blind Wolf – Book One in the BBW Shifter Romance series – Amazon Barnes & Noble


Rocking Her Curves

Rocking Her Curves – Book One in the Curvy Girl series Asher and Trixie – Amazon Barnes & Noble


Big Girl Backstage Pass  Sexy young woman  Sexy young woman  Sexy young woman  Sexy young woman

Big Girl Backstage Pass – Book One in the Big Girl series – Amazon / Barnes & Noble

Big Girl Going On Tour – Book Two in the Big Girl series – Amazon / Barnes & Noble

Big Girl Rocking in the Sunshine – Book Three in the Big Girl series – Amazon / Barnes & Noble

Big Girl Playing in Paris – Book Four in the Big Girl series – Amazon Barnes & Noble

Big Girl Proposal in Paris – Book Five in the Big Girl series – Amazon / Barnes & Noble


Five-Book Bundle: Buy all five books together for a discount! – Amazon / Barnes & Noble


Wilder Side – Alex and Jason’s Story: A Gay Erotic Romance – Amazon / Barnes & Noble


29 thoughts on “Books

  1. Pingback: Me, Cinderella? | Aubrey Rose

    • Hi Lesley! The last story about Shannon and Julian in the Big Girl series will be out later this month – I’ll be sending out a 99 cent deal announcement to my mailing list when that happens, so you can subscribe if you’d like to find out as soon as it’s released!

      link to mailing list:

    • I want to get to everybody’s story before coming back to Jason and Alex. Next up on the list is Asher and Trixie! I love Jason and Alex together, though, so hopefully I’ll be able to write more about them soon 🙂

      • I can’t wait to read everyone’s story, Asher is so sweet! One more question, will Jason and Alex have appearances in the rest of the stories though? Or will their story have to sit it out? Thanks for replying!!

      • Hm, I hadn’t thought about that. I’ll be sure and try to mention them in my second Asher and Trixie book that I’m planning, but the focus won’t be back on their relationship for a while.

  2. Can’t wait for Alex and Jason’s story! (Already read Wilder Side.) On book 3 of the Big Girl Series and am looking forward to reading the rest of the stories in this world!

  3. I love the Blind Wolf series and I joined the list s i can find out when you finish the series. I am not going to read the next one until you finish. I like to read them all at once and get upset at cliff hangers. Since I know how long it takes for a book to go from writing to actual publishing. I read the first two but will leave the third util you finish the series.

  4. When will the next book come out? Can’t wait to see what is next for Julia and Damien. Love the series btw,,gotta love these shifter books

  5. When will Me, Cinderella two be out I did not know Brynn was from big girl book series will Shannon and Brynn see each other again you should write a book about Shannon and Julian wedding and have Brynn come to the wedding and Jason and Alex, Asher and Trixie please!!!!!! Write a book called Julian and Shannon Big Day

  6. I just read all 5 of Shannon & Juilen’s story totally love it(Im a big girl somits reslly awesome to read a story likethis w/ a big girl main charcter) Also I’veread Wilder Side Alex & Jason’s stroy. Plz plz plz tell me there is goning to be more of them. I really would love to see what happens to them.

  7. I really enjoyed Me, Cinderella? it was the best ever. You’re an amazing writer and can’t wait to read your next book. It was truly wonderful.

  8. I Love your Jenny Rockfort books! They are so funny! Its a rare thing for me to literally laugh out loud from most humor, but these books definitely do it. I love everything about the books, including the slapstick humor, and I keep looking to see if you written another, but I don’t see any more. So, please, please write more in this series. These are, hands down, truly the funniest books on Amazon, and the only ones that have really made me laugh, even tho reviews on other books claim they are funny.
    Thank you!

    • Thanks Lora! I am thinking about making those into full-length novels this winter, and this might just be the push that gets me off my butt to do that. I’m excited to start writing full time so I can focus on those too!

  9. I read the Big Girl Series, it was funny and exciting had a few teary parts.. Shannon is a strong woman and luck one at that. Can wait to see how the wedding comes out and the honeymoon. Will Shannon and Julian have a baby?

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