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48 thoughts on “Subscribe

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  2. Just read Blind Wolf and HAD to buy and devour Perfect Mate right after. Absolutely loved them! Will there be any more in this series………? I hope so!

  3. Yay!!!!!! Thank you sooooooo much! I’m signed up for your newsletter so it will send me an email when it comes out right? 🙂

  4. Just read the Blind Wolf series. Loved it! As for possible baby names, for a girl Dejara for her great grandma. For a. Boy Julian. So when is the next book in the series coming out? Can’t wait.

  5. Blind wolf series was great. Waiting for the next installment. Can’t think of any unique names at this time, but whatever you give them will be great.

  6. Loved the blind wolf series I did not stop reading untill I read them all. I can’t wait untill your next bookis out, and has the baby names one should be called after her mother if it’s a girl for a boy it should be Dominic it means Lord in Latin. They could even be having twins which could open the door for more book’s.

  7. I never thought I would like werewolf stories but I loved the story of Damien and suggestion for a boy name is Pablo, Spanish for Paul, Pablo Olmedo was a Mexican distant runner, and the girl name Jewell, simply because of the way you described their eyes.

  8. I love the blind wolf ,perfect mate ,and human sifter…wonderful books. For the boy Chase it means hunter in old french and in English exceptionally skilled huntsman. For the girls name Luna which means moon…thanks and can’t wait for the new book!!

  9. I loved the blind wolf. So addictive. I’m so surprised about it. The cliffhanger is keeping me on edge. I think the child’s name should be Leo or Felix

  10. just read d blind wolf series, I just loved it. Well I think if its a girl then she should be named Alisha and d boy should be named Ethan.

  11. In the Blind Wolf Series for the child I think if it is a girl, Hope and Luck if a boy! Can’t wait for the next book, read the first three all straight after each other!

      • it’s okay thanks for the reply ❤
        I found the broken prince it's just i can't buy it. It seems it's not available in the middle east and i was wondering when it will be available there cause i'm dyeing wanting to know what will happen next with Eliot and Brynn 🙂

  12. I loved the Big Girl series of books and I’ve just read Alex n Jason’s story. Will there be more books about the boys ? Alex n Jason need their happy ever after just like Shannon has.

    • Hi Carol, I’d love to write more about Alex and Jason, but both of the spinoffs I did (Alex and Jason. Asher and Trixie) didn’t sell very well, so I’ve been focusing on other series. I would like to eventually get back to both of them, and also give Daniel his story (poor Daniel! he’ll have to get a threesome to make up for it, lol!!)

  13. Just reading about Asher n Trixie’s story then I’ve got Me Cinderella, and Broken Prince lined up ready to read. I’m really hooked on your stories and Blind Wolf will be next. Keep them coming :-)))))

  14. Hi! I started reading “The Blind Wolf” & fell in love with it immediately. I can’t wait to read “Me, Cinderella?” & more of ur wonderful works.:-) 🙂 🙂

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