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New Release – Perfect Mate, a #Shifter and #NewAdult Romance! Only #99cents!!


Perfect Mate

Perfect Mate is the sequel to my #1 Shifter novella Blind Wolf  (Amazon Barnes & Noble). Sorry, Barnes and Noble peeps, I’m behind on this one – it’ll be out for Nook in the next day or so! (edit: It’s out now on Barnes and Noble!)
Julia always thought that she was human. When the blind leader of a pack of straggling misfits claims her as his one true mate, she accepts that she is in love with Damien despite their radical differences.
But after another shifter wolf attacks them, he points to her as he dies and utters words that will change Julia’s life forever:
“…she’s not what you think she is...”
Excerpt: (from Julia’s vow):
“How can I express my love? How can I tell you the feeling in my heart when you take my hand? This is a feeling that I can’t even understand myself. It takes me up and lifts me into a sacred place, it makes me realize that I am not a whole person without you. It hurts me. It heals me. It is a feeling that binds me so tightly that sometimes I can’t breathe. And when you kiss me, I know that I am yours forever and for always, and the whole world lights up with my love. Damien, you are special to me and I promise that nothing will ever come between us. I vow from this moment on to keep you in my heart, just as I hope you will keep me in yours.”


Perfect Mate is available now for Kindle on Amazon! And if you haven’t read the backstory to Julia and Damien’s, check out my #1 Shifter novella Blind Wolf – Book One in the BBW Shifter Romance series – Amazon Barnes & Noble


New Rockstar Romance Spotlighted on What To Read After Fifty Shades of Gray

My books are spotlighted this week as a part of the awesome facebook group What to Read After Fifty Shades of Gray! One of the books is an all-new release: Rocking Her Curves: Asher and Trixie Book One, only 99 cents right now on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Rocking Her Curves


What’s your temptation?

Asher just broke up with his long-distance girlfriend. When he meets Trixie, he’s smitten by her curves – but she’s the lead singer for the opening band: strictly off-limits.

Trixie can’t help but be attracted to the tall, handsome skater who plays music with such passion. There’s no way that he would be interested in someone who isn’t a rail-thin model, would he? Anyway, she’s heard that he has a girlfriend: strictly off-limits.

When their paths collide – literally – they’re forced to look temptation in the face and ask themselves: What do I really want?

“Ohhh,” she moaned, trying to encourage him.

“Are you okay?” he asked, pulling away. She pulled him back into a deep kiss, her tongue thrusting into his mouth greedily.

“Yes,” she whispered. “I want you to take me.”

Jack renewed his petting with a reinvigorated fervor. As he lay beside her, kissing her with gusto, she realized that he was waiting for her to make the next move. As always. It didn’t matter. She needed to relieve the ache inside of her. She sat up and pulled her dress off, and Jack followed suit, his shirt falling crumpled to the floor. He switched off the light so that the only hint of brightness came from the crack of the door out in the living room.

A sharp stab of frustration lanced through Trixie’s body. Why? Why did it always have to be dark? Always like this, with only a sliver of light playing over her body. She loved her body, loved the curves that led from her arms down to her hips. She loved the roundness of her ass when she craned her neck to peer over her shoulder into the mirror. Sometimes she would dance naked in the morning to the slow jazz songs that echoed through her body. Jazz was perfection, especially in the early hours when nobody else was awake in the world but her. Swaying in the reflection, she would wave her arms, swing her hips from side to side and pretend that she was a dancer in a burlesque troupe.

Now Jack moved in the darkness next to her, placing his hand on her chest, and she wished she could see his hand cupping the fullness of her breast, the tender soft skin and the faint border of darkness that separated her nipple from the skin around it. But no, no, it was always dark with him. If he was insecure about his own body, he never admitted it. He just preferred it this way, he said.

Fine. There was one positive aspect to the darkness, one benefit she found now that she had never known before. When Jack’s hand moved over her, she could pretend that it was someone else’s. She could pretend that she was spending the night with anybody, fantasize about any face in the dark of Jack’s room.

And there was only one person she wanted to spend the night with.

Unbidden, Asher’s face rose into her mind. She tried to push it aside but he kept returning. His bare chest, a sheen of sweat from skating.

Jack’s hands turned into his hands, the long fingers making their way across her body, hesitating. She grasped his arm and pulled him close. She could feel his hardness against her. Asher’s hardness. Asher’s body against hers. If she closed her eyes the fantasy became real.


Check it out now for only 99 cents on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Holy Butts! Five Romance Novels for 99 Cents!

Young couple kissing in a swimming pool

I am thrilled to announce that I’m part of the New Adult Romance Boxed Set that’s on sale now for only 99 cents, along with USA Today bestselling author Julia Kent and three other Top 100 New Adult Romance bestsellers.  All five of our novels are included in this set, which is only a dollar.  A DOLLAR! How amazing is that?

If you haven’t checked out the other books in this collection, this is your chance!

Bad-boy CEOs. Naked lead singers. Soulful intellectuals. Dancers. Rock stars. Summer is hot, and so are these men…. The New Adult Romance Boxed Set has FIVE COMPLETE NOVELS for just $.99 — a special sale price (regular price $9.99).

All novels from top 100 New Adult Amazon authors, this collection includes USA Today Bestseller Julia Kent, Top 100 Amazon Bestseller Emme Rollins, top 10 UK Amazon bestseller Helena Newbury, and more…

Dear Rockstar by Emme Rollins — She’s obsessed with a rock star. He’s crazy enough to want to be one. Sometimes the best things in life are crazy. Amazon Top 100 Bestseller.

Random Acts of Crazy by Julia Kent — Darla isn’t the type to pick up hitchhikers — especially naked ones. But when she makes an exception for handsome Trevor, she finds herself caught between two delicious men in this fun-filled, steamy USA Today bestseller.

Mad for You by Anna Antonia – Loving Gabriel Gordon was like trying to love the sun…Emma Adams was destined to burn. Given their tumultuous natures and personal demons, there was only one way a relationship between them could survive: in madness.

Me, Cinderella? by Aubrey Rose — One kind deed can change your life forever…. Brynn Tomlin could never afford to follow her heart, but when she buys a cup of coffee for a stranger sitting in the cold, she sets into motion a course of events that can only lead to one kind of fairy-tale ending.

Dance For Me by Helena Newbury — When troubled ballet student Natasha agrees to be the muse of millionaire designer Darrell Carner, she doesn’t expect to fall for him…or to discover that his past is just as dark as hers. Can two broken souls heal each other…or will their secrets tear them apart?

FIVE New Adult novels filled with men with a passion for the women they can’t live without.

Buy all five novels now for just a dollar!



Big Girl Rockstar Romance Bundle Sale for 1 week – Only 99 cents!

Big Girl Rockstar Romance Bundle SALE – only 99 cents this week!



She’s just a college girl who can’t help but dream.

Shannon Locklear just won backstage passes to the hottest concert in LA, Wilder Side. She’s thrilled to be able to meet the band backstage, and when the guitarist takes her aside, the sparks that fly between them could light a bonfire…

He’s a lead guitarist who can’t shake his inner demons.

Julian Bremmer is a musician struggling with alcohol and his band’s newfound success. Girls throw themselves at him because he’s a rock star, but all of the attention doesn’t stop him from feeling empty inside. When he meets Shannon, he can’t help but wonder if she’s just the next girl who wants him for his fame…

Fate has thrown them together, but will the world pull them apart?

From jealous bandmates to drunken brawls, from the sunny rock concerts in San Diego to the steamiest bedroom scenes in Paris, this collection brings together all of Shannon and Julian’s stories!

Now only 99 cents on Amazon and Barnes and Noble!!


I Just Turned Down a Publishing Deal with Amazon

Holy butts, Batman! One of Montlake’s editors (the Amazon romance imprint) emailed me last week:

I wanted to reach out to you because I read Me, Cinderella? and thought it was fantastic. Do you have a few minutes this week to chat on the phone? I’d love to know more about the rights to your wonderful novel and tell you about our imprint.

Naturally, I was thrilled. A real publisher wanted my work! I chatted with her briefly on the phone and asked her a ton of questions: What kind of cover would they create for me? What promotions would they do? What control would I have over everything? Although I was excited to work with Amazon, I wanted to know that they would treat my book right. She told me my novel was a great read and very clean writing, and that she would love to “partner” with me in relaunching my book through Amazon’s imprint.

However, she couldn’t guarantee anything – from cover image to pricing to marketing. The advance they offered was less than I had made in my first month of sales. As I looked through the Montlake catalogue, I saw a mix of breakout hits and complete flops, with some recent books that just had the worst covers imaginable for romance. And I would have to pull my book from every publisher except Amazon.

It was hard for me to say no. Ever since I was a little girl I’d dreamed about being a ‘published author‘.  However, I needed to make the best decision for my book and for my fans. I realized that although the praise from the editor boosted my ego, the praise that really matters comes from my readers. They are the ones who’ll make or break my books, and I want to make sure that I’m always doing the right thing by them.  If I mess up, I want it to be something I can fix. I’m a control freak like that.

So sorry, Amazon. It’s not you, it’s me.




Me, Cinderella? is out now on Amazon / Barnes and Noble


edit: I wanted to reply to this comment, since I realized that the cover links might be misinterpreted.

“However, I think your blog does give one fairy serious piece of misinformation.

None of those covers you link to are Montlake covers. All of the covers linked to are former Avalon books which Montlake bought the rights to. No, they didn’t put the money into re-doing the covers. Should they have? Perhaps or maybe the readers of the old Avalon books would look for the old covers. I really don’t know.”

I did realize that those were all books from the same old publisher, though I wasn’t sure Amazon hadn’t already redone all of the covers with a new (crappy) designer. However, when I raised that concern with the editor (and specifically about the books from Avalon), she said she wasn’t able to guarantee anything about the covers. That gave me great pause, although I realize now the covers were from older editions.

My bust, Montlake. But hey, you’re publishing books with crappy covers under your imprint, whether or not you plan to redo them later. Maybe don’t publish something until it’s ready to be published… that’s the first thing they teach you in self-publishing school 😉

Of course, I linked the worst offenders in my post – many of Montlake’s covers look just fine. However, I combed through a lot of the Montlake books, and while there were a lot of good traditional romance covers, there were very few “New Adult” – style looking covers. And my main character Brynn is a curvy girl – and most of the Montlake covers have very thin women on them. As a writer of BBW romance, I’m acutely aware of the limited amount of cover material available to us and I DO NOT want a thin girl on my cover.

There were so many factors going into this decision that I didn’t mention in my original post, and perhaps I would be remiss in not adding them. Pricing was a major major issue – I couldn’t do a ton of promotional stuff I had planned if I couldn’t control pricing, and Amazon gives no say in how they price their work. This deal was Kindle-only, so I wouldn’t be getting the benefits of paperback publishing, which to me is one of the greater advantages of a traditional publishing deal.

I contacted quite a few Montlake authors to ask about their experiences. Many of them said they had a good experience but would not be publishing again with Montlake, and I talked as well to authors who had turned down Montlake deals for similar reasons. I also discussed the offer with a literary agent from a major agency who helped guide me through my decision, and while she would have profited from me making the deal with Montlake, her advice guided me towards a clear “no”.

This was not an easy decision by far, and while it may come back to bite me in the butt, I would rather take the chance on letting my fans promote me instead of Amazon. I think in the long run that’s the right decision for me.