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Where Did All the BBW Models Go?

Another author who writes BBW romance recently lamented the dearth of good stock images for “big” models:

“You can find a million pictures of beautiful, skinny models…but there are very few pictures of BBW models. And a fair number of the pictures that I could find, have a picture of a BBW holding a measuring tape around her waist and grimacing, or she’s stuffing her face. Or standing on a scale and looking unhappy. Really, photographers?”

Every BBW romance writer knows the pain of searching for “big sexy girl” and finding nothing but frowning, frumpily-dressed women holding cupcakes.  So how did I get the cover for my new Big Girl series? Here’s my stupid secret:

Sexy young woman


That’s right. I took a model (who likely had been Photoshopped to look even skinnier than she is in real life) and Photoshopped the big right back into her! Oof! Those fake curves sure are sexy!

Can we BBW writers make one request of photographers? The next time you have a big girl in your studio, after you take a hundred pictures of her looking sad because big girls obviously can’t be happy with their bodies… have her strip down to her underwear and take some shots of her looking like her real, sexy self. I (and many others) will throw money at you for it. Thanks in advance.